The collections are elegantly perched between sophisticated, funky, classic and out-of-the-box. Each design is modern yet lightweight and bares the beauty of the sliced diamond—as inspired by Shah’s father. Taking diamond in its rawest form, the sliced stone represents the beauty that exists in its natural veins.

Born into a family of diamond merchants, jewellery has always been in Shah’s blood—although she wasn’t always destined to follow this path. Shah studied architecture and interior design in London before moving back to her hometown, Hong Kong, and working for a luxury hotel furniture brand. She took on her expertise in luxury goods and architectural flair, and launched L’ Dezen as a tribute to handmade, intricate jewellery.

'Inspiration is everywhere. I’m inspired by learning, by experiencing, and by conversations. I’m inspired by my travels; whether it is the afternoon sunset against the Hong Kong skyline, the Turkish dusk with its soft light blue shades or rich Indian architecture—I’m captured by life’s beauties all around! I also take inspiration from business people that are successful in both their field but also in the people game: the way they develop, sustain and enrich their relationship to achieve business success and creativity.' - Payal Shah

Payal Shah


Our central focus is around creating pieces that have a wearable luxury. The great thing about jewellery is that the overall look comes from how the wearer styles it. It’s not uncommon to receive images of the same jewellery piece, worn by three totally different women—it is this versatility that’s been a real success factor in the brand’s journey.