Fine Jewellery

L' Dezen was founded in 2011 by Payal Shah with the intention of producing fabulous, eye-catching, and functional fine jewellery.

Each piece of jewelry that L' Dezen designs, from its 18 carat hand-crafted rose-cut diamond earrings to its statement flower rings, is thoughtfully designed with the idea of being one-of-a-kind and lightweight. These simple, sculptural pieces can be worn on their own or mixed together: bold bracelets all handcrafted in our factories located in China, Hong Kong, and India, fine jewellery with gold vermeil evil eye bracelets, slice stud earrings mixed with a statement necklace. Clients have worn our pieces with gowns and sleek dresses, with blue jeans and classic white shirts!

We create and are perfect gifts to celebrate new beginnings - weddings, anniversaries, mothers day, new jobs, and all meaningful life transitions - representing authenticity, tenacity, and abundance. “Investing in one of our pieces is an investment in yourself,” says Payal Shah. “My goal is to grow with our clients.”


Urban Arrest X L' Dezen is a wardrobe staple, but not your typical everyday wear. With a feminine flair and comfort at its core, this collection symbolizes success, positivity, and growth.

The UAxLD capsule collection of lounge and streetwear was created with the idea that one outfit could be worn from morning to night. This collaboration is the result of the duo's passion for leading an active lifestyle. Nothing is more eye-catching than feeling confident when you feel good.



Inspiration can be found everywhere. The things I learn, the things I experience, and the conversations I have inspire me. My travels inspire me; whether it is the afternoon sunset against the Hong Kong skyline, the Turkish dusk's soft light blue shades or the rich Indian architecture-I am captured by all the beauty of life! Moreover, I draw inspiration from business people who are successful both in their field as well as in the people game: the way they develop, sustain and enrich their relationships to achieve business success and creativity.

Contact: payal@ldezen.com
Tel: (852) 21807347


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